Philippine Ragnarok Online: Thoughts from a Former Midgard Soldier

The eve of Valentine’s Day was a time of ending when Level Up! Games announced on its site that after almost 12 years of existence, Ragnarok Online one of the most popular and perhaps the most influential MMORPG in the Philippines will shut its servers down on the last day of March this year. Read More…


Legend of Korra Book 4: Season Premiere Review

Screenshot (16)Among of its many ridiculous shows [Grachi, I mean really does anybody watches that?) this is the one Nickelodeon decides to remove from its television schedule. Nevertheless, perhaps the best show Nick has to offer besides it predecessor, the first episode of the fourth season/book of Legend of Korra is now available on Nickelodeon’s website and other sources as well.


The Earth Kingdom Seal

The series starts off three years after the events of the past book where Avatar Korra with the help of Team Avatar, the newly trained air benders and her other allies successfully
Read More…

I’ll See You On Friday

It was around 5 o’clock in the afternoon when I got off from work. When your office is located at the central of business in the country, there’s no secret that going home is a battle of wits and endless strategy. Whether you take the train, bus or a service shuttle—it will always be an hour or two commute. Riding the train for me is like getting forced to watch the Twilight movies. The first time you do it, you kind of feel guilty of watching, then you keep convincing yourself it’ll be over soon and tough it out the rest of the way. But by the third or fourth movie, you just really don’t care anymore.

Commuting during a Monday is just physically draining. The weekend feels like a 2 year wait and everything moves two times slower than usual. After I said goodbye to the security guard at the door of our office, I decided to walk going to the train station. In my country, my favorite time of the year is January. It’s colder than any month on the calendar considering we only have two seasons. Hot, and f*cking hot… Walking on a late afternoon during January is always therapy for me. People in general favor this weather too—either that or they are just really excited to get home to their families.

I went down the stairs of the train station Read More…

My First Love (Valentine’s Day Special Part 4 + Final)

This is Part 4 of My First Love Story. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

(Names were changed for practical reasons)

Cristine asked me earlier to wait for her in the middle of the dance floor so I could be her first dance. As soon as the first slow song played, I made my way through the crowd of partnered up students sadly I saw Cristine with Jojo. I felt like I was in a daze after seeing that. Before I could do anything, Kristel suddenly took me by the arm and she started swaying along with the music. It was the first time I heard her speak so clearly and honestly. I will take care of you, she said. She was Read More…

My First Love (Valentine’s Day Special Part 3)

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Are you excited? You’re not? Okay…

Seriously though, there’s nothing wrong in being alone during that fateful day. What’s wrong is if you value the idea of a WORKING holiday more than the actual essence of it. It’s not about being with someone just for the sake of it or how many dates you have on the 14th; it’s how you should be appreciative and welcoming of being given the opportunity of falling in love! Okay this is what happens when you marathon 3 films of Hugh Grant in one day… With that creepy detail out in the way, here is Part 3 of My First Love Story. Enjoy!

(Names were changed for practical reasons)

It wasn’t particularly warm that afternoon but I intensely feel heat throughout my body. My hands started sweating, my mouth felt dry and my heart started beating faster. Read More…

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