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My First Love (Valentine’s Day Special Part 4 + Final)

This is Part 4 of My First Love Story. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

(Names were changed for practical reasons)

Cristine asked me earlier to wait for her in the middle of the dance floor so I could be her first dance. As soon as the first slow song played, I made my way through the crowd of partnered up students sadly I saw Cristine with Jojo. I felt like I was in a daze after seeing that. Before I could do anything, Kristel suddenly took me by the arm and she started swaying along with the music. It was the first time I heard her speak so clearly and honestly. I will take care of you, she said. She was Read More…


My First Love (Valentine’s Day Special Part 3)

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Are you excited? You’re not? Okay…

Seriously though, there’s nothing wrong in being alone during that fateful day. What’s wrong is if you value the idea of a WORKING holiday more than the actual essence of it. It’s not about being with someone just for the sake of it or how many dates you have on the 14th; it’s how you should be appreciative and welcoming of being given the opportunity of falling in love! Okay this is what happens when you marathon 3 films of Hugh Grant in one day… With that creepy detail out in the way, here is Part 3 of My First Love Story. Enjoy!

(Names were changed for practical reasons)

It wasn’t particularly warm that afternoon but I intensely feel heat throughout my body. My hands started sweating, my mouth felt dry and my heart started beating faster. Read More…

My First Love (Valentine’s Day Special Part 2)

A few days away from Valentine’s Day, I would like to share to you the second part of the story of my first love. With that being said, feel free to reminisce that moment when a certain individual has made you felt emotions you never knew you had. If you haven’t read Part 1, be sure to check it out as well.

(Names were changed for practical reasons)

The incoming school year has gotten me excited for the past few days. First of all, after eight years of education I am now facing another four. To be honest, the only thing in my mind right now is what my mother told me while we’re having our monthly manicure session. Okay, let that entire image sink in for a moment… Yes, since my mother isn’t blessed with a daughter and since it’s just the two of us, I by default have to be with her and enjoy the “family activities” she wants to do. Plus, it makes me feel pretty afterwards so it’s a win-win. [I wonder why people keep assuming I’m gay. I just can’t see it.]

I was reading a magazine beside my mother inside the salon when she leaned while still maintaining to have her nails done by her friend Auntie Josie and got my attention, Read More…

My First Love (Valentine’s Day Special)


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I would like to share to you a [true] story about two people falling in love.  Do you remember your first love? While you’re trying to recall, let me tell you one:

(Names were changed for practical reasons)

Much like everybody, I met her one Sunday afternoon during mass. [Why? That doesn’t happen often? Well, just…okay?] Her family asked my mother if they can share the pew with us. After the family settled themselves in their seats, this girl beside me started staring at me. I looked at her for a moment then I casually turned away. Suddenly, I felt something pinching my right arm. I turned and saw her left hand hovering near my arm as if trying to do it again. I asked the question every kid in this country should have asked at least 50, 60 times max, “Who are you?”

Completely ignoring me, she said, Read More…

Chocolates, Flowers and Headaches

Spidey has feelings, too (from

Spidey has feelings, too (from

After checking out the Super Bowl trailer of Iron Man 3, for some reason one of YouTube’s suggested links for me is to watch a video with a Japanese title and three suspiciously looking girls holding chocolates. Since I was in the mood today, (I had coffee) I decided to click it but I accidentally clicked the video below it.

“Valentine’s Radio” the title said, it is a music video of Japanese artist Kikkawa You. After I dug around Google, I found out that the original singer is Matsutoya Yumi. After going all about to a number of direct links, I suddenly remembered, “Oh crap! It’s that time of year again!” Yes. It’s Read More…

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