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I’ll See You On Friday

It was around 5 o’clock in the afternoon when I got off from work. When your office is located at the central of business in the country, there’s no secret that going home is a battle of wits and endless strategy. Whether you take the train, bus or a service shuttle—it will always be an hour or two commute. Riding the train for me is like getting forced to watch the Twilight movies. The first time you do it, you kind of feel guilty of watching, then you keep convincing yourself it’ll be over soon and tough it out the rest of the way. But by the third or fourth movie, you just really don’t care anymore.

Commuting during a Monday is just physically draining. The weekend feels like a 2 year wait and everything moves two times slower than usual. After I said goodbye to the security guard at the door of our office, I decided to walk going to the train station. In my country, my favorite time of the year is January. It’s colder than any month on the calendar considering we only have two seasons. Hot, and f*cking hot… Walking on a late afternoon during January is always therapy for me. People in general favor this weather too—either that or they are just really excited to get home to their families.

I went down the stairs of the train station Read More…


I Need To Find Answers To My Ridiculous Questions

SUNDAY 0:26—

 Do you believe in ghosts? You can always categorize people when it comes to these kinds of things, into three. Those who are skeptic, the ones that who do but denies it and the people who do believe. As for me, I fall in the middle of the first and second. It wasn’t a time a close relative passed away and a butterfly flew inside my house and made me breakfast, it wasn’t anything special—really.

You might be asking where all of this is coming from. It was because a couple of nights ago… My father just arrived home after two straight shifts from work. He called me and my sister after sitting down on his favorite spot on the couch in the living room. Unbuttoning the first two buttons on his uniform he looked at us, “Do you have plans tomorrow night? A lot of people filed their days offs and I realized I was the only one on duty tomorrow .”

I turned to my sister and saw she had the same look I have. I knew we’re both thinking the same thing: Read More…

Everything Is Optional Anyway


I opened the notebook in front of me, I let the pages run by my thumb to see if anything is written. There were three columns labeled: name, address and date. A pen was sitting inside the notebook, approximately somewhere in the middle. I used it as I wrote my first name…

“Thank you for the opportunity,” I said. “I will do my best for the next three months.” I told those words to the owner of the antique shop I decided to work at two years ago. It was suppose to be part-time but I grew fond of looking after the shop.

The moment you open the front door, a tiny bell hung making soft vibrations just enough for your ear to detect but not so much as to irritate it even after a whole day of hearing it. The shop itself wasn’t that big Read More…

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