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From XBOX 360 to XBOX 180

Do you remember when your parents punished you when you were a kid that they have to take away your toys or something? But then seeing you go crazy like, throwing a tantrum all over the house, missing the toilet intentionally when you go number two (I have a friend who did it when he was a kid) which made them take back what they did or said? Now take a look back on Microsoft’s presentation last E3 and the news these past weeks concerning their backpedalling about their new console’s policy. Isn’t it kind of the same?

The video game community had a sigh of relief when Microsoft took back what they said about their DRM (Digital Rights Management) policy. Here’s a part of the statement from Microsoft president of interactive entertainment Don Mattrick: Read More…


DualShock “4” The People Who Are Expecting A Reveal

It has a “4” alright but not a lot of people expected to see.

The supposed date of revealing the PlayStation 4 yesterday is quite troubling since the actual hardware wasn’t shown. Luckily, at least the new controller design and an actual peripheral was shown and used in a demo.

For everyone who marked their calendars on the 20th of February, happily crossing out each day–do not be alarmed. You’re not alone. That’s right because last night in New York City was the revealing of the new SONY PlayStation 4. You’ve have probably watched the teaser video earlier this year, that day was officially over but sadly we still didn’t have a glimpse of the actual hardware, the PS4 or as it was codenamed: Read More…

Welcome To The Sixth Generation (Gotta Play “Em All)


Go ahead and press start (from wallpaper4me images)

Unless you live under a rock for the past decade or so, you’ve probably played or at least heard about Pokemon. It’s only the second highest selling video game by Nintendo worldwide just next to–you guessed it, Mario. After seeing the picture above, I’ll give you some time to go on a nostalgic montage.

It’s the ever so famous [or not] Pokemon–a concrete example how far can a video game change the whole world. Grab a couple of AA batteries for that refrigerator like Gameboy, turn the volume up, push that button to activate the back-lit screen of your Gameboy Advance SP or find a room with at least three fully functioning fluorescent lights for your original Gameboy Advance. [It was really a pain playing with that thing.] Memories keep coming whenever I hear that music in Pokemon Red’s intro, that thing where Gengar and Nidorino fights? When I hear it today, Read More…

12 Years In The Market But Forever in My Heart

PLAYSTATION 2I don’t know how to say this but here it goes… *inhales–The PlayStation 2 (PS2) has officially left the market. Sony confirmed that all PS2 production has ended worldwide. It was stated January 4 2013. I will now give you a moment of silence to absorb all of this.

How are you holding up? It’s okay, I cried too. I’m openly weeping as I’m writing this post. Maybe after you’re done breathing into a paper bag you can continue reading. Or maybe you’re that kind of person who is already putting his PS2 in its original box and checking how much its worth on eBay. Nevertheless, if you see any video game store or any store for that matter who still have PS2 units on their shelves, well that’s the last of it. As soon as the last of those are sold there won’t be any more new units available.

After reading about the PS2’s discontinuation in production, I looked at my PS2 slim unit and thought to myself, “Those were some good times, right?” I still play it occasionally when times are not that busy and absolutely even after 12 years it still does what is expected of it and that is to play quality video games.

So there’s one thing to do and that is to commemorate a wonderful system by mentioning the games it offered to the video game industry. Note that games here are from my personal list in which I think can define the history of this 6th generation video game console. Here we go! Read More…

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